New Zealand Man Has The Best Excuse Ever For Taking A Shit In A Tunnel

New Zealand Man Has The Best Excuse Ever For Taking A Shit In A Tunnel

The opening of a new tunnel in New Zealand was delayed this morning for the most bizarre reason. The capital city of Wellington was due to open the new Mt. Victoria tunnel to ease a lot of traffic.

At 5 am New Zealand time, the workers were getting ready to open the tunnel when a man "entered the tunnel like normal". The alarm was sounded by the supervisors because

A man in the middle of the tunnel had his pants down.

By the time someone got there, they had discovered that he had deficated on the road. Police were called, and questioned the man - who was "clearly drunk".

His excuse for taking a shit on the road in a tunnel?

How many times do you get a chance to f***ing shit in the tunnel?

A fair point.

The opening of the tunnel was delayed from 6 am, as the workers refused to clean up the mess. Eventually a cleaning crew was called, and took five minutes to remove the "deposit".

The incident report showed that transport authorities had a forgiving attitude to the opportunistic pooper.

[NZ Herald]

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