Taylor Swift Saves The Day With Special Tickets To Her Dublin Show

Taylor Swift Saves The Day With Special Tickets To Her Dublin Show

Taylor Swift is arguably one of the biggest pop stars in the world at the moment and, as if there was any doubt, is also one of the soundest. She is currently on the European leg of her '1989' World Tour, coming to Dublin tonight for the first of her two sold-out gigs at Dublin's 3Arena, but she still found the time to help out a struggling fan.

Swift is known for showering fans with gifts and showing support when it's needed and with a fanbase spanning the globe it's no surprise that her fans are willing to travel anywhere to see her, with one fan in particular organising a trip from South Africa to London to see the star, but arriving too late for the gig in Hyde Park on Saturday after flight delays.

South African radio DJ Stephanie Be said she had saved for 9 years to travel to Europe to see Ms. Swift, but a number of delays to her flight from Amsterdam left her very tight for time when she eventually arrived in London. She documented her travel woes on Twitter and got more than just some sympathy from friends and family:

She tried to stay optimistic:

But alas, gave in to reality:

After finally making it to Hyde Park, she only got to see the last three songs and was left devastated.

But, the blonde haired angel that is T-Swift saw poor Be's tweets and offered to buy her tickets for tonight's Dublin gig if she could get a flight into the city.

How could you say no to an offer from pop royalty? You can't is the answer, so Be had to make some travel rearrangements as she was scheduled to fly back to South Africa yesterday but instead was on a flight to Dublin.

Be and her pal have now  landed safe and sound in the Gibson Hotel and are all set for tonight's show.

Enjoy the concert Stephanie, we're not jealous in the slightest...

Hat-Tip: The Daily Edge

Mallorie Ronan

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